About Us

Wabash Steel Company, LLC is an AISC Advanced (Major) Certified Bridge Fabrication (ABR) facility that produces a wide variety of structural steel fabrication products that are used for bridge construction, vehicular highway traffic, railroads, and other transportation end uses. Wabash holds a Fracture Critical Endorsement (FCE) and a Sophisticated Paint Endorsement (SPE-P1). Their sister company, Lenex Steel is the Midwest leader in structural steel fabrication. A leader in the industry for innovation, we have the capacity, technology and experience to help make your next bridge project a success.

Wabash Steel's Areas of Expertise:

  • Fabricating Structural Steel Plate Girders for Highway (DOT)
  • Railroad and Pedestrian Bridges
  • Beam Bridges
  • Truss Bridges
  • Box Girders
  • Railroad Engine underframe assemblies
  • Roof and box trusses for building and plant operations
  • Other Industrial & Complex Fabrication Work